About Us

What We Do

We are an IT services company that solves all your IT problems whether it is upgrading software or purchasing a new one or if it is doing anti-virus protection or replacing a faulty hardware part, we offer solutions.

We replace hardware, fix software licensing issues, take refresher and advanced courses for some software suites, debug hardware issues, maintain networks and also develop software applications. All of these are done based on your needs.

We offer different levels of support to you our customers, they are classified as below

Level - 1 Support: In this level, we take your calls on our toll free number and respond to your queries then and there. If you have sent an email with a query we respond to that. This level is usually for clarifying any doubts on how software works, settings in a particular application or installation problems that you face. If an issue that you raise cannot be solved by direct communication on the spot then it is escalated to the next level of support.

Level - 2 Support: Here the problem is further analysed and processed to be solved. If the issue is solved in any later versions of the software or hardware then we recommend an upgrade. If the issue is say due to lack of memory then we recommend a RAM upgrade. We debug the problem directly by taking remote desktop sessions and see what the root cause of the issue is. If the problem cannot be solved then it is escalated to level – 3.

Level – 3 Support: In this level mostly we travel to your site to analyse the problem further and provide solutions. This level is also provided to replace faulty hardware or installing new software.

For each level we have an agreement on how long it can stay at a particular level, if not solved it gets automatically escalated and is addressed with priority. Thus by having these levels of support we provide service to our customers.